Deal Alerts

These are just some deals I felt were worth mentioning. Some may last a while, some will be gone quickly, so if you see something you want, order now :D

1. Fisher-Price Ready 2Wear Baby Monitor Original $49.99/Now $19.99 ($16.99 after 15% coupon)
Valid coupon codes: (you can combine one % off coupon with the Free shipping coupon)
AUGUST15 15% off w/Kohls Charge
SAVE20AUG 20% off $100 or more w/Kohls Charge
PERKSPOT100 15% off $100 or more (no kohls charge necessary)
MVC1383 Free Shipping

This is the baby monitor we use for our twins, and it's incredible. The parent's monitor is so light--we wear it on our wrists like a watch and I actually forget I'm wearing it until I hear the boys. It has crystal clear sound and a great range. has this same monitor on clearance for $49.

Today's deals on this awesome site include Bic Razors, Men's or Lady's Speed Stick Deodorant, and Suave Shampoo & Conditioner all for less than $1 each after coupon. As always, two day shipping is free. I don't really like the Suave shampoos for my hair, but they make great body wash, and so much cheaper than the actual 'body wash' in same or similar scents! Don't need or use these products? Order two Lady's Speed Stick, Two Men's Speed Stick, Four Shampoos, Two Conditioners, and two packs of razors. Now put one deodorant, one pack of razors, and a shampoo into four bags or baskets, adding the conditioners to the containers with the women's deodorants. For under $10, including the tax, you now have either four gifts for kids who have just left for college, four 'emergency packs' for guests in your home, or four bags to donate to a school, homeless shelter, batterred women's shelter, home for teens--the list goes on!! You could even add Reach toothbrushes for $0.90 & Aquafresh toothpaste for $0.97!!

3. Gevalia
Gevalia always has good deals, especially for new customers. Follow the link above and enter the code of your choice from below:

121374 Three Half-pound boxes of coffee or tea & a travel mug for $3
166272 Two half-pound boxes of coffee or tea & a programmable coffee maker for $10
120823 Coffee maker, caraffe, Travel mug, and two boxes of coffee or tea for $14.95 !!!


**Updated on 4/19/2010 to correct point totals**

Swagbucks (click on the title of this post to follow my referral link) is a search engine where you randomly earn swagbucks (points) for searches. You can also earn them through swagcodes (random codes giving free points, usually posted on their blog or twitter, and often posted on the swagbucks thread on, referrals, trading in your old cell phones, etc. 450 swagbucks will buy you a $5 amazon gift code. They have other prizes as well, but I'm all about the amazon codes. In my first six months as a member, I earned enough points to purchase $100 in amazon gift codes to help out with our Christmas budget. I have earned these through NO MORE than five minutes a day of searches (I usually search for a few minutes in the morning until I get a swagbuck reward, and a few minutes in the evening until I get a swagbuck reward). It really is incredibly easy.

In addition, for the first 1000 swagbucks a referral earns, you earn swagbucks, too. So if you use my link, I will get something out of it. Of course, this also means that for everyone that signs up with YOU as a referral and earns swagbucks, you get swagbucks, too. I've heard of people with so many referrals that they earn a $5 amazon gift code every couple of days. It's hard to keep getting new referrals, but for every one you get who earns 1000 swagbucks, you get 1000, too, which means you get $10 in amazon (or whatever other prize you choose) for each active referral.

What is ALICE?

Alice (Click the Title of this post to follow my referral link to the site) is a new way to shop for household items. They have pretty much every conceivable non-grocery consumable you would use in your home (trash bags, diapers, deodorant, soap), and a lot of pantry grocery items (tea, coffee, granola bars). Their prices are comparable to Walmart--some are slightly higher, but since you save gas, time, and frustration by NOT having to drive to walmart, it works out better in my opinion :D. Of course, some items can occassionally be found in brick and mortar stores at a better price when you combine coupons and sales, but they have their OWN coupons as well, and the items with coupons tend to be really really good deals. I suggest anyone shopping there go to "other ways to shop" in the tool bar at the top of the page, and choose 'shop the best deals'. This gives you a list of the 50 best deals (based on percentage off) on the site. I recently got jumbo packs of Huggies for $3.49 each, a price I have NEVER gotten in a brick and mortar store (I have gotten a similar price on Pampers, but that was well over a year ago with a Target super sale, and I haven't been able to replicate it :( . )

It should be noted that the coupons are limited use--usually only one or two uses per customer. This keeps people from buying all of the available items before anyone else gets a shot at them, so while I'd rather be able to buy 20 packs of cheap diapers, I'll settle for one or two. Still, though, this site could be a great time and money saver for busy frugalists!! :D


Hi!! I hope to use this blog as a place to post deals I've found, advice on frugal living, and ideas on how to best utilize your family's income.

I am a stay at home mommy of three little boys--a four year old and twins who will be two next week. My husband is a high school teacher at a public school, so it's imperative for us to stretch our dollars whenever possible. Moreover, though, we feel that we owe it to ourselves and our boys to steward the monetary resources we have as best we can. If we bought retail, we could afford to feed, clothe, and house our boys. Living frugally, we are able to give them the experiences we want them to have-vacations, museum trips, etc-that we would be unable to afford otherwise. In addition, we are frequently able to donate items (especially health and beauty items) to charities that we support that we would be unable to afford otherwise. It's a win for everyone involved :D