Hi!! I hope to use this blog as a place to post deals I've found, advice on frugal living, and ideas on how to best utilize your family's income.

I am a stay at home mommy of three little boys--a four year old and twins who will be two next week. My husband is a high school teacher at a public school, so it's imperative for us to stretch our dollars whenever possible. Moreover, though, we feel that we owe it to ourselves and our boys to steward the monetary resources we have as best we can. If we bought retail, we could afford to feed, clothe, and house our boys. Living frugally, we are able to give them the experiences we want them to have-vacations, museum trips, etc-that we would be unable to afford otherwise. In addition, we are frequently able to donate items (especially health and beauty items) to charities that we support that we would be unable to afford otherwise. It's a win for everyone involved :D

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