Wednesday Deals

1. There's a Woot off today over at . During a woot off, instead of just a single item posted each day, woot posts an item until it sells out then immediately posts another item. They also randomly will post a grab bag item called a 'Bag of Crap'. There are urban legends of these things being worth hundreds of dollars. I've never succeeded in snagging one, but I will keep trying! :P You can read more about woot-offs HERE.

2. JC Penney has Wednesday deals today. Not as many deals as I'm used to seeing, but still a few interesting ones, including a cute 'wedding' dress up set and some pajamas for those interested in jump starting their holiday shopping. Promo Code ENJOY10 is supposed to take off $10, but I couldn't get it to work on the wedding set, so it may not be valid on outlet items.

3. Today is the last day kohl's current 30% off sale is valid, as well as the last day to earn kohls cash. Put at least $71.43 worth of merchandise in your cart, then use codes SAVE30 (30% discount, expires tonight) and THISIS4FREE (free shipping, valid until 9/27). This will bring your total down to $50 + tax, and you'll get $10 in kohls cash via email within a few days (for more details on Kohls Cash, see the Kohls Primer). Be sure to check out for some hidden clearance items.

**For those who are patiently waiting for the next coupon class to be posted, I am so sorry for the delay. It seems I've caught the bug the boys have, so I'm not well enough to work on it. It's still in the works, though, so hang in there!

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